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Tuesday Sept 1st - Ely


Can you believe it - a whole year!  We have been looking back through some of the photographs that we have taken over the last twelve months and really we are both amazed at just how many places we have been to and just how far we have actually travelled.  Oh but we have had fun!  It really has been a very memorable year - I wonder what the next one will bring?

This morning we left our mooring at Streatham and soon arrived at Pope's Corner.  This is a junction - we could turn right to Cambridge or left to Ely - we chose the latter.  It really didn't take us very long to do the trip, just about an hour.  We were very pleased to find a nice mooring opposite the Cathedral Marina.  It is a very pleasant spot here with beautiful weeping willows all along the bank.  Very pretty indeed.

Once we had moored up we headed off into town to find a post office then decided to go to The Cutter Inn and have a spot of lunch whilst watching the boats going by.  It was really nice.  Then back to the boat for a relaxing afternoon. However the blue sky and sunshine that we had been enjoying most of the day suddenly turned into a torrential downpour and there were even a few claps of thunder!  Clive had to do a mad dash up the boat to close the hatch as we had left it open to let the fresh air in!

We can't decide whether to stay another day in Ely or to head back towards Cambridge - I think we will just see how we feel in the morning and see what the weather is doing!

Today is not only our first anniversary on board Lady Arwen but it is also the 36th wedding anniversary of our dear friends Shirley and Barry Collings.  A year ago today they arrived at Whilton Marina in the morning to see us off on our adventure and have followed our blog with interest ever since.  So Happy Anniversary Shirley and Barry!

I know this is a very short blog today but there isn't really anything else to report!

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