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Sept 7th

The weather has been atrocious here as it seems it has everywhere; we heard about flooding today on the news - poor sods who have to clear up again! We were looking at huge fields of wheat as we drifted along today and it all looks miserable..the farmers are going to have a hell of a time getting any decent harvest at this rate; I wonder what our ancestors of 100 years ago would have thought?? If you'd said we are in for Global warming, they would probably have said "Bring it on" or something similar in various dialects.. Anyway, once the really "wet" rain had passed it turned into quite a nice afternoon; we cruised up to a place called Hawkesbury Junction which is where in the past, old boaters would meet up as the Coventry and Oxford canals meet there - all sorts of goods would have passed by here at one time. Actually it still seems busy today, albeit with a different clientelle - we stopped at The Greyhound for a quick bite/pint and the place was heaving! (actually a lady's 50th birthday get together with her family) Managed to rig up a temporary TV aerial (best Blue Peter traditions; kitchen roll holder, masking tape, blutack etc.!) in time for the Belgian Grand Prix - brilliant race, well done Lewis! Amazing that there is so much open country and quite pretty too, just outside big conurbations like Coventry but it's true. Most times we don't see it of course, as we are usually on the M6! Saw a bit of it this morning and didn't envy them at all. Now moored up outside Hartshill Marina north of Nuneaton. Will make use of their facilities tomorrow morning before setting off. We don't intend to go too much further, maybe as far as Tamworth? Hopefully the cratch/canopy guys will be with us by Tuesday and then we can make whatever time we fancy.

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