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Sept 6th

Well its Saturday, can't believe its been six days already!  I decided to do some laundry today so got stuck in in the kitchen sink!  The boat is now festooned with knickers and T shirts!  When we finally set off around 10.30 this morning it was only raining a little and it soon stopped so we enjoyed some very pleasant cruising along the Oxford Canal.  Some of the stretches were really pretty with overhanging trees.  Nature's bounty is very obvious with brambles, rosehips and haws - it must have been really beautiful here when all the blossom was out.  Took some photos which hopefully will make it into the gallery at some point, but we are finding it a bit difficult to know what size to make the pictures so that they don't take a month to download! We made a detour into Brinklow Marina this afternoon - this was a bit hairy, trying to do a 90 degree turn in a 57' boat is not easy!  However we managed it and topped the water tank up, which took forever!  Then we hopped back onto the canal again and mosied on down to Stretton on the Fosse, which is where we are moored now.  We took a walk into the village of Brinklow in the pouring rain - this is supposed to be summer!  We stopped off in the local hostelry and had a pint, then called at the village store and stocked up on bread and wine (very biblical!).  We also managed to buy an aerial lead from the chandlery so Clive is really hoping we can get a signal on the TV tomorrow, its the Belgian Grand Prix!

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