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Sept 5th

Well we're back on line having moored in a "blind spot" for a couple of nights with no signal!  Must remember to check that we have a signal on our mobiles before we moor, then we will know we have a signal for our dongle! We moored just North of Braunston on Wednesday evening, having left the Grand Union behind and turned onto the Oxford Canal.  We went up into the village for some supplies then decided to stay for the whole of the following day to give ourselves chance to rearrange things on the boat.  When we moved on board on Sunday we just unpacked and stuffed everything in the cupboards and drawers and then couldn't find a thing after that, so we spent all Thursday morning sorting things out and now everything is much more accessible - we found things we thought we had forgotten to bring and found things we really should have left behind, like half the clothes!  In the afternoon we had another walk up to Braunston village for more supplies, found a lovely butchers and bought lots of meat to stock up the freezer (which is located under our bed!).  We also called at a chandlery and bought a TV ariel which Clive managed to connect up when we got back, only to find that we don't have an ariel lead to connect the TV to the ariel socket - merde!  Never mind, we watched a DVD!  I was very productive in the galley, I managed to produce a casserole, half of which has gone into the freezer and the rest we are having for dinner this evening.  I also baked some potatoes and made a chilli, which we ate last night - yummy! Today dawned very wet!  We donned our new, very expensive, waterproofs and cast off - we cruised for four hours in the rain, but our waterproofs proved to do all that the label claimed, we were perfectly dry when we took them off.  We are now moored a couple of miles West of Rugby and don't intend to set foot outside again today, the weather forecast is for 50 mph winds and torrential rain - yeuch!  Still its lovely and warm and cosy on board Lady Arwen - Clive has just got his guitar out and will no doubt be serenading me shortly - aww!  Now where did I put my flute....?!

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