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Sept 11th

Yippee we have a cratch cover!  Yes Bas (Sunday best name Sebastian) from AJ Canopies arrived this morning and fitted our cratch cover - its lovely.  (You can check out the photos in our gallery).  He was a very nice young man and did a great job - he only needed two cups of tea to sustain him during the fitting! We have decided to stay put here overnight, its a great mooring, right next to that lovely pub, The Tame Otter!  We thought we would spend the rest of the day giving Lady Arwen a wash and brush up, now she looks so posh with the new cratch she really needs a clean.  Due to the terrible weather of a couple of days ago she is covered in mud and as we bought a nice new mop and bucket yesterday we thought we would give it a whirl.  I believe its called "swabbing the decks" on board a boat!! So not a lot more to be said for today really apart from the fact that we think we saw a Hobby whilst the cratch was being fitted, its a sort of falcon, for those of you not into bird spotting!  He swooped down right over the boat trying to catch a swallow - he missed!  We also saw a couple of buzzards circling round. No doubt we will be sampling the hospitality of the Tame Otter again this evening - well it would be churlish not to really as we are moored right on the doorstep! As I am sitting here typing the blog there are boats passing us in both directions all the time - we are certainly not lonely on the canals, there are lots of people doing exactly what we are doing - its very popular! By the way, you will be pleased to know that our little plumbing problem is sorted!

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