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November 11th 2010 - Cambridge


We have actually appeared on TV!

Earlier in the year when we were leaving Birmingham, a guy started filming us as we were just starting up a lock flight. When he had finished filming I asked him what it was for and he told us that the BBC were making a documentary about James Brindley the famous architect of the Midlands canal system.  I believe this was mentioned in our blog at the time.  We had almost forgotten about it until today when a friend of mine informed me on Facebook that she had seen us on TV last night! 

The programme is BBC One's History of the World and the episode was called Unlocking the Midlands and was presented by Chris Tarrant. We have just watched it on the iPlayer (it is available for another six days from today). We make several brief appearances about 20 minutes into the programme as we were negotiating a lock.  If you would like to watch it yourself the link is:   Unfortunately this will not be available to anyone outside the UK!  We are going to see if we can at some point load some of it onto the Video page of this website - watch this space!  Some of you may be able to watch it as a rerun on your TV if you have that facility.

It is very exciting seeing yourself on TV!

Happy viewing!

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