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Jan 09

We had a lovely day today.  Our friends Helen and Steve came over to visit us from Swaffham Bulbeck (near Camrbridge for those of you who don't know the area).  When they arrived we had a cuppa and gave them a tour of the boat (that doesn't take long!) then Clive went to show Steve the technical bits - engine etc - of no interest whatsoever to girls!  So Helen and I caught up on the gossip!  Then we all decided it would be a good idea to go out for lunch and the nearest pub was The Three Locks, which is situated right next to Bottom Lock of the Three Locks flight which is a couple of miles South of where we are currently moored.  We can't get there by boat at the moment due to winter stoppages.  In fact when we went to have a look at the canal after lunch we found that the pound was drained to enable the British Waterways guys to do their necessary maintenance. We had a nice lunch in the pub - which was a bit chilly and also there was hardly anybody else in there besides us!  However I am sure the place is jumping in the summertime with all the boats going through.  Then we drove back to the boat for another cuppa and to quickly pack an overnight bag as  Helen and Steve had very kindly said they would give us a lift back to Cambridge.  This will save us a lot of time tomorrow as it means we can drive straight up the A1 to Huddersfield instead of Vicki and Gareth having to drive over to pick us up first.  So here we are back at Gareth's house again!  We will back on board on Sunday evening.  Steve took some photographs whilst they were with us today and I have put them in the gallery.  Thanks for sending them Steve. Another little bit of news is that my new Great nephew has now been named: Barnaby Gabriel Patterson - how lovely. Here he is in person.  Bless.  

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