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Jan 04 2009

WE'RE BACK!!! Yes after two weeks as land lubbers over the festive period we arrived back to an extremely cold, frozen boat!  Yes I say frozen because the kitchen tap actually had an icicle hanging from it and it took quite a while before we had running water again.  In fact our daughter Vicki, who had driven us back to the boat, had to go to the shop and buy some bottled water so that we could have a cuppa!  However we put our trusty Webasto central heating boiler on and Clive set to and lit the stove whilst Vicki and I were unpacking and soon there was condensation running down the walls as the boat gradually warmed up!!  Vicki went round mopping up the puddles.  A few hours later and the boat is as warm as toast - mind you the inside of most of the cupboards are still very cold.  Vicki has now driven back home and once again it is just the two of us - we have had a lovely time staying with our son Gareth and our gorgeous granddaughter Indeia - its been wonderful spending time with them and Vicki too, who drove over to see us nearly every day, but it is absolutely lovely to be back on board - we really missed Lady Arwen. That is all we have to report just at the moment but we will be leaving the marina in the morning and going for a pootle down the canal - unfortunately we are not going to be able to go very far due to a couple of winter stoppages which commence tomorrow until 17th January, one just North of us where a bridge is closed for maintenance and just further South from us at Stoke Hammond there is a lock also closed, so we are "trapped" on this little bit of canal for a couple of weeks!  Never mind it will soon be Spring!

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