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Dec 7th 09 - Wood Lanes

Well the only thing I have to report on today is the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed Mark and Zabrina’s wonderful wedding weekend!


My sister Thelma arrived on Friday armed to the teeth with suitcase, umpteen bags, several pairs of shoes and boots and last but definitely not least – a full length mirror! See, she thinks of everything! 


We had a quick lunch – left overs from the last night’s stew and dumplings – then we all piled into Thelma’s car and headed off to Macclesfield.  We were a bit late setting off so didn’t have long but there was time to “do” the charity shops and then we ended up in Tesco’s just to pick up a few bits and pieces whilst we had transport.  Then it was back to Wood Lanes and The Miner’s Arms.  As Thelma was leaving her car in the pub car park overnight it was only fair to patronise the pub so we had dinner there.  Once again it was a lovely meal, their food is really very good.


We headed back to the boat with all Thelma’s stuff, including the mirror (which was very heavy!). We were all a bit shattered so decided to have an early night – well we have big day tomorrow!


Wedding Day! Saturday December 5th


I had set the alarm for 8.00am to ensure that we didn’t sleep in, however we were awake before it went off, I needn’t have worried!  Then we all went into overdrive.  I have to say, it was “interesting” three of us trying to get ready on a narrow boat – shower, make-up, hairdo’s etc and that was just me!  Clive had to keep out of the way whilst Thelma was dressing, which meant he was stuck in our bedroom so he of course was ready first!  Finally it was almost time to go.  Thelma headed off down to the car as she had decided to put her nail varnish on whilst in the car so that she didn’t damage it opening doors and putting seatbelts on etc.  I hadn’t had time to do mine!  I quickly put my hair up, grabbed all my bits and pieces and was just about to head out of the door when my phone started vibrating in my handbag (I had already switched it to Silent!).  In my rush to get at the phone my dainty evening bag popped open and everything in it shot out in all directions and by the time I got to the phone it had stopped ringing – it wasThelma!  She was just checking to see if we were ready so that she could drive up and pick us up.   I managed to retrieve my stuff off the floor and stuffed it back in my handbag and then we locked up just as Thelma arrived.  We had to do it this way as there is nowhere to park by the boat!


We arrived at the church in good time and managed to find a parking place in the car park.  I just had time to put my nail varnish on and spray it with a quick drying agent before it was time to go into church – phew!


I always get emotional at weddings but it started sooner than expected as there was a brass band in the church playing carols – that did it – out came the tissues!!! Then finally the ceremony began. The bridesmaids arrived, looking gorgeous, along with four adorable little flower girls, two of whom are the twin daughters of my Goddaughter Joanne (the groom’s sister) Isobel and Emily, all of 18 months old – bless!

Flower gilrs Emma and Isabell with their mummy and daddy


At last the big moment arrived and Zabrina, looking absolutely stunning, came down the aisle on the arm of her father – the tissue was working overtime by now!  It all went very well and everybody looked gorgeous and the little flowergirls were all very well behaved indeed. 


Once the service was over we all piled back into the cars and headed off to Shrigley Hall Golf and Country Club where the reception was taking place.  It’s a fantastic place for a wedding.  Now we had chance to meet up with other members of the family and have a drink!  There was mulled wine, which was very welcome as it had been quite chilly in church!

Bride and Groom greeting the guests


All in all it was a really lovely day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves but finally, around midnight, we had to tear ourselves away as our taxi arrived to take us back to the boat.

I have put some more photographs in the gallery.


Sunday December 6th


The bride’s parents, David and Margaret, are having an open house today so it was into the gladrags and make-up again!  We had arranged for a taxi to collect us at 11.15am to take us back to Shrigley Hall and Thelma’s car.  Then it was back to Poynton, where David and Margaret lived, only just around the corner from the church. 


Margaret had put on a lovely buffet and the house was full.  One of Mark and Zabrina’s friends had brought his guitar with him and had given us all a song or too.  Clive had been admiring his guitar and it wasn’t long before he got his hands on it, retuned it to drop D and started singing – and he says I’m the exhibitionist in this partnership!  It was very nice though and he was well appreciated.


However, all good things must come to an end and we finally had to say goodbye to everyone. Not before we had got an invitation from one of Dave and Margaret's friends to attend a folk club in Woodbridge on Tuesday night though! 


We headed back to the boat and Thelma stopped right next to the boat for a few minutes whilst Clive nipped in for her suitcase and the mirror – the heavy items.  Then she drove back down to the pub car park. Eventually having collected all her other bags and bits and pieces we said goodbye and Clive walked her back down to her car.  It won’t be long before we see her again though, we are spending Christmas at Thelma’s house.

Do you know what - after all that, I never actually got to see myself in my wedding outfit in her full length mirror!


After she had gone we both got changed back into our “leisure at home wear” (jogging pants and tee shirts!).  We both looked at each other and heaved a sigh – although we have had a wonderful weekend and have enjoyed it immensely it was good to be just the two of us again. There is a lot to be said for stopping the world and getting off, especially when you can jump on again briefly from time to time!


Well, what now! We are hiring a car on Wednesday and driving over to Huddersfield for one night to attend another function, this time with Clive’s family, then we will be kicking our heels again until about the 15th when we will start making our way back to Kidsgrove ready for the Hall’s Lock on the Trent and Mersey to reopen on December 18th allowing us make our way up to Church Minshull.


Oh one other thing. We had a phonecall today from Terry, the guy who is making our pram hood cover.  He is coming over tomorrow all being well to do an initial fitting.  The first thing he needs to do is position all the struts that hold the hood up, then he can take final measurements for the cover itself.



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