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Dec 15th 2010 - Ness Valley

We have now been in New Zealand for two weeks!  We have been very lazy really, just enjoying relaxing at Lindsey's and not really doing a great deal. Well when all said and done, we have plenty of time!  We were just discussing this very thing yesterday and agreed that at the moment we are just "living" here, as we do at home on the boat, its just a change of scenery and its nice and warm.  However early in the New Year we will be "going on holiday" when we set off in the campervan to explor South Island.  We had been planning to set off towards the end of January however we have learned that Le Caballo Blanco, the Spanish Riding School  show is coming to Auckland on February 5th and we would really like to go to that, if we can get tickets, so the trip South might have to wait a week or two!

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