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Aug 29th 2010 - Clayhithe

I know its been ages since the last blog and you will note that we are moored at Clayhithe once again! We have actually moved since the last blog, we have been down to Cambridge and up to Ely and backwards and forwards between Clayhithe and Cambridge.  However apart from lots of family busines we haven't really done a lot worth reporting!  We did manage to meet up with one of my Burwell friends, Helen Grainger, in Ely and spent a lovely afternoon with her, other than that there isn't much to tell.

Well, other than the fact that Gareth is leaving the district!  It is 25 years since we upped sticks and left Huddersfield to move to Tighnabruaich in Scotland, five years after that we moved to Port Stewart in Northern Ireland and two years later moved to the Cambridge area where we have been ever since.  Gareth has been offered a job up in Huddersfield and so he is moving back!  He will be staying with his grandparents initially until he can find a place of his own but he's off tomorrow and starts his new job on Tuesday!  He had one weeks notice, in that time he has had to get a storage unit and pack all his worldy goods into it on a temporary basis - its all go!  We are very pleased for him and he is really looking forward to starting his new job and his new life!

As for us, well we are currently negotiating with new tenants for our house.  The current tenants leave mid September and all being well our new tenants will be moving in on October 1st - you will note that we are not moving back into our house! We are having far too much fun on board Lady Arwen to even consider living in a house again for the foreseeable future!  However we do have another cunning plan for the winter months - watch this space and I will report on this in a later blog!  That's going to keep you in suspenders for a while isn't it!!

Sorry this was short and sweet but no point boring you to death with more family stuff!

Bye for now!

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