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10th October

Don't get too excited, we haven't really got anything new to report at the moment except that the stove fitting is moving along very nicely, the plinth has been made and tiled with slate and the surround has also been tiled and is just waiting to be grouted.  We also have a hole in the roof now ready for the flue and chimney to be fitted.  All being well the whole thing should be finished by close of play on Saturday - we are in trouble if it isn't cos we are leaving on Sunday! Yes the time has come for us to resume our journey and we are planning to leave Aspley Basin after lunch on Sunday and head off towards Cooper Bridge where we will turn left onto the Rochdale Canal.  So watch this space - there will be photos of our new stove all being well.  We are both getting itchy feet and really feel the need to be moving on, although we have enjoyed our time in Huddersfield catching up with all our relatives and friends too, its been great, but its been long enough in one place - remember Toad - "poop poop - give me the open road [or canal in our case!]". Catch you later!

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