May 10 May 10 Pygmy Shrew Clive spotted this little chap on the bank whilst we were filling our water tank. 81356434 Pygmy Shrew He was so engrossed in hunting that he let Clive get really close! 81356436 LBJ! Little Brown Jobby! We often see birds in trees but can't always identify them! 81356435 Barn Owl Clive got up just after 6.00am to photograph this owl! 81356437 Barn Owl I think it was worth it! 81356438 Barn Owl They really are beautiful birds. 81356439 Barn Owl It was flying around for quite a while 81356440 Barn Owl Obviously a bit of a poser! 81356441 Two Clives! Clive Morris and Clive Kittel - it caused quite a bit of confusion for Riki and I!! 82049434 Mel and Jaffa Renewing our aquaintance over a glass of wine! 82049438 Jaffa! He definitely had his eye on my wine! 82049435 Jaffa! He's making his move now! 82049437 Typsy Caique! There he goes, slurping my wine! He did this several times and must have been inebriated! 82049441 Alison and Harry This cockerell had the most amazing hair do! 82049442 Kestrel We spotted this hovering kestrel at the side of one of the locks. 82049436 New babies! A mother duck with her clutch of ducklings. 82049439 Riki at the helm This puts me to shame - I really must learn how to do it! 82049440 Robin red breast! This tame little chap came very close to us as the boat was coming up in the lock. 82049445 Orang Utan We were rather surprised to see this large chap peering out between the geraniums!!! 82977687 Geese It's lovely seeing all the new babies along the canal. 82977688 In the pink! Some of the kids from Hemel Hempstead School running for Breast Cancer Awareness. 82977689 World War II Planes Clive heard the sound of Merlin engines and rushed out with the camera! 82977690 World War II Planes The one in front is a Spitfire the other a Hurricane. 82977691 New planters I am delighted with my new "garden" - can't wait for them to bloom. 82977695 Eek! A bit of tongue in cheek here I think - well I certainly hope so! 82977693 Woodpecker We stopped to fill up with water and spotted this Great Green Woodpecker in the adjacent field. 82977692 Heron These large birds look like pteradactyles when they are flying! 82977694 Refloated! This boat had sunk and the BW guys had refloated it and were taking it to Rickmansworth. 82977696 Strange craft! Yet another odd looking boat to add to my collection of strange craft! 82977697 Coot's nest This huge nest was right opposite our boat near the GSK bulding. 83975853 Cute Coot! When the parent birds left the nest look what we saw! 83975852 Brentford moorings It was very pleasant here really. 83976887 Three abreast! Teddington Lock is huge and all the boats were packed in like sardines in a can! 83975854 Big Wide Thames Its wonderful to be out on the Thames again after the confines of the canal. 83975855 Flotilla of narrowboats! All the boats streaming out of Teddington Lock! 83975856 Obstacle course! They were everywhere - Clive didn't know which way to turn so in the end went straight through the middle! 83975857 Royal barge! This elegant craft passed us yesterday - I don't think Her Majesty was on board though! 83975858 Large and small There were all sorts of craft on the river - from large paddle steamers and small cruisers to narrowboats and canoes! 83976886 Busy Thames There were so many boats of every kind out on the river in the sunshine. 83976888 Feeding the flock! Some of the many swans and geese that populate the river here at Kingston. 83976889 Dinky watering can This is just what I was looking for, the perfect size for watering my planters! 83976890 Mistletoe Ball Its amazing seeing mistletoe growing on a tree like this. The balls are so perfectly round! 84386946 Chasing ducks! Harry had great fun running around the gardens at Hampton Court Palace. Not sure the ducks were too happy! 84386947 Hampton Court Sunset Watching the sun going down over the Thames. 84386948 Ali and Harry We stopped to have an ice cream here. 84386949 Mistletoe "tree" I absolutely love to see misteletoe growing on trees, this is a particularly magnficent example. 84386950 David and Stuart Stuart and partner David held their civil marriage in Windsor Guild Hall - so did Elton John and of course Prince Charles and Camilla! 84386952 Clive and Stuart Old pals ogether again after about 35 years! 84386953 Stuart's Baby Grand It takes up half of the living room! 84386954 Bach! Stuart is a wonderful pianist and we were delighted when he played for us. 84387284 Capsized! This yacht had far too much sail up for the windy conditions! 85652121 Heave! They gently started to lift her from the water. 85652122 Heave again! The sail emerged from the water. 85652124 Up a bit! Slowly she started to rise. 85652123 Up a bit more! She's almost there. 85652120 Hooray! Finally she was back upright again. 85652125 Greenfields This beautiful house was once the home of W H Smith, the bookseller! 85653579 Thames mooring Our lovely mooring just before we got to Henley on Thames. 85653580 Lovely views This is the view of the South bank. 85653581