March 09 March 09 Braunston bottom lock Lady Arwen abandoned in the lock whilst Clive nipped into the chandlery for some stern tube grease 27739400 Morris Grease Well they do say it is the best on the market - well of course it is! 27663274 Little Shuckburgh Church This is a really pretty little Victorian church. 27663288 New kind of paddle! Chatting to a fellow lock winder at Calcutt Locks. Interesting paddles these. 27663275 Buzzard Can't resist photographing these lovely birds when we see them 27663289 Buzzard Its quite a challenge getting a good photo of them, practice makes perfect! 27739401 Big Chimney! Ee bah gum, 'e must 'ave a big stove on 'is boat!!! 27739399 Big lock! These locks in the Stockton flight look huge, but they aren't actually that deep. 27936510 Across the pound A Clive's eye view looking back up the flight. 27936511 Huge chimney, tiny boat! I think this is a bit OTT, don't you?! This couple were just telling me about the lock closure further down! 27936493 Long Itchington There are some really old houses in this village. 27936494 Thelwell ponies! These gorgeous little ponies were grazing happily in a field at the side of the canal. 28091873 The Oxford Canal This canal is very narrow and meanders through beautiful countryside more like a river. 28091874 Canada Geese Couldn't resist snapping these stately geese as they were grazing alongside the canal. 28091862 Bunny There was quite a lot of wildlife in this field opposite. I saw a fox at the top of the field too. 28642579 Buzzard Sorry, I seem to have a buzzard fixation at the moment - can't resist them! 28642588 Sunset And a sunset fixation too!! 28642580 Napton on the Hill We could see Napton in the distance even after we had travelled quite a long way. 28642583 Company! You have to sidle past each other gingerly on this narrow, winding canal. 28642591 Strutting pheasant I could get fixated on pheasants too, they are so handsome! 28642582 A Bit Tight! There is very little room on either side of the boat and it is quite shallow here. 29108131 Ridiculously narrow! Looking back you can see just how narrow this stretch really is! 29108130 Drawbridge There are evidently several of these on the Oxford Canal, I hope they are all open like this one! 29108132 Lambs watch us watching them! These little cuties had been charging around the field, leaping up in the air like gazelles! 29108128 The possy! Like a bunch of Hoodies congregating to cause trouble! 29108129 New kettle A gift from a neighbour of Clive's parents. Isn't it lovely. 29108133 Deer Clive spotted these three deer in the field just over the hedge from where we were moored. Later there were six but it was to dark to photograph. 29562785 Urban Swans! Its an odd sight seeing two lovely swans serenely swimming down the canal right in the town centre! 29562783 Moored in the towncentre Lady Arwen moored in the middle of Banbury with a shopping centre right next to the canal! 29562788 Strange mooring! It was actually a very attractive place, beautifully designed around the canal. Teeming with people! 29562789 Lifting the bridge Another one of these characteristic Oxford Canal lift bridges - this one had to be opened using the windlass 29562786 Towncentre lock It seemed quite weird having a lock right in the middle of a towncentre! 29562787 Another pirate! Yet another example of canalside art that we saw outside the Arts Centre as we were leaving Banbury. 29562784 Air Ambulance Check out the album Canalside Rescue to see all the photos relating to our exciting morning! 29564705 Confluence! The canal is on the left and the River Cherwell is on the right. 29564313 Aynho Weir No, not a relative! Its where the River Cherwell runs into the canal and out the other side 29564312 Aynho Weir Lock This lock separates the canal from the river again. 29564311 Diamond Lock Its a very strange lock this one, big but reasonably shallow with tiny but very heavy gates. 29564310 Bless! We passed another field full of gambolling lambs and I couldn't resist this little chap! 29564314 Heave ho! Raising the lift bridge by pulling on the dangling chain - I must say they are very well balanced! 29704591 Big, heavy gate! Closing the gate on Somerton Deep Lock - huge gate and very heavy! 29704595 Exciting Somerton Deep Lock As you can see, there is no room to maneouvre, its quite tight! 29704592 River Cherwell Bridge Looking back at where the River Cherwell on the left joins the canal on the right 29704597 Farewell Cherwell The river goes off on its own again on the left whilst the canal goes into Shipton Weir Lock on the right. 29704598 Thrupp Cottages We moored right next to this row of lovely terraced cottages. 29704596 Pub and Boat Sounds like a pub name! You can see how close we are to the pub! 29704619 Roadworks! Unbelievable that roadworks can hold you up even on a canal!! 29773842 Vicki arriving. It was lovely to see her - its been a month since we last saw her. 30082596 Lock assistant Its nice to have some help with the locks now and again. See the sign in the background! 30082599 John and Phil These guys were on a canoieing and camping trip. 30082598 Big Thames! After the narrow Oxford Canal the Thames seems enormous! 30082597 Ahoy Locksley! Robin, Julia and Kate arriving from Abingdon. 30082601 Tying up Kate stepping off Locksley with her coffee! 30082600 Redhead! A close up of Vicki showing her hair - she died it red for Comic Relief and raised 100 - well done girl! 30082602 Early morning rowers. Every Sunday morning the rowers practice their strokes on the Thames. 30082603 Leaving Iffley Lock It is quite a pretty lock really and best of all doesn't entail any work from Mel! 30270518 Traffic Jam! We shared the lock with a load of canoes - off they go, paddling furiously! 30270517 Cavernous lock! This is the enormous Sandford Lock - big enough to take at least 6 narrowboats! 30270520 Sandford Lockkeeper Its very nice having somebody else to do all the work - even if it is just pressing buttons! 30270521 Hercules I'm a sucker for anything that flies - dragons; birds; helicopters - but especially planes! 30270522 Abingdon mooring Mooring just on the outskirts of Abingdon, with the town just up ahead. 30270516 Red Kite You can almost make out the lovely chestnut colour of this beautiful bird. 30573379 Safely tied up Clive on the stern having checked that Lady Arwen is securely moored! 30270519 Red Kite Quite different to the Buzzard with a forked tail and different shaped wings. 30573380 Red Kite You can easily see the different shape of the Kite's wings compared to the Buzzard 30573381 Coot Similar to a Moorhen but bigger and with a white blaze instead of a red one. 30573382 Abingdon Museum Lovely building, formerly the County Hall 30573383 Abingdon Abbey Thought to have been built in Saxon times, possibly 7th Century 30573384 Grebe with fish We were delighted when this grebe popped up to the surface with a fish in his beak! 30943583 Another kite! Sorry but I just couldn't resist - they are such magnificent birds. 30943584 Cormorant We sometimes see trees full of these black, glossy birds roosting, yet we associate them with the sea! 30943585 Cruising the Thames It is so pretty especially with the sunshine sparkling on the water. 30943586 Rolls Royce Convention! Never seen so many Rollers all together before! 30943588 Old and new Some of them were Vintage rollers and others much more modern. They were all gorgeous! 30943587 Pooh-Sticks competition What an eccentric people we are! 30943589 Pooh-Sticks! People evidently come from all over the world to take part in this annual competition! 30943592 Pretty Boathouse We pass many boathouses on the Thames but some of them are really pretty. 30943590 Another boathouse Clive was particularly impressed with the spiral staircase on this one! 30943591 Sails up ahead! We share the river with many different types of craft. 30943805 St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Goring Lovely old Norman Church 30994881 Approaching Goring Pretty riverside houses and boats line the banks here 30994882 Goring on Thames Our mooring for tonight with the wide river and weir behind 30994883